StewVed's Webtop

Stewved's Webtop was written from the ground up and by hand, by Stewart Robinson (StewVed), and is powered by pure HTML5.

This is how it looks: StewVed's Webtop' ooh shiny!!!

To give the Webtop a go for one's self, one simply uses a modern browser with Javascript enabled.

One does not simply browse the internet without JavaScript enabled!

StewVed's Webtop contains:

All of the apps and games are resizable, along with being able to run in exclusive fullscreen mode.

The webtop itself is a pretty much complete desktop environment, with window management, menus, the ability to load and save settings etc.

StewVed's Webtop is modeled after Unity, which is the desktop environment of Canonical's  Ubuntu OS.

The Author

About the creator/Devloper of StewVed's Webtop:

Stewart Robinson (StewVed) was born in the United Kingdom, in the late 1970's.

He learned just about everything he knows about HTML/CSS/JavaScript programming from W3Schools

He is a PC Gamer at heart, and though he generally games on Windows, he uses Linux, namely:  Ubuntu OSOpenSUSE, and  Manjaro to mention just a few!

StewVed's standard notice:

Warning: May contain Bugs!
Cannot guarantee Bug free!
Produced on a system where Buggy products are also made!

Copyright © 2019 Created by Stewart Robinson (StewVed)